Meet The Team


Jann Ang, M.Sc

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Jann is the Lab Manager for the Miller Lab. She started her research career by doing her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry specializing in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering at McMaster University. Jann did her 4th year undegraduate thesis on Malaria where she studied  the sequence requirements for the inner membrane complex (IMC) proteins to form the pellicle of the parasite. 


Jann continued her passion for research by doing her Masters Degree in Chemistry (Biochemistry) at University of Waterloo. She studied the in vitro modification of monoclonal antibodies using a glycosyltransferase. 


Outside of the lab, Jann enjoys baking and is always up for a hike!


Hannah Stacey

Senior PhD Candidate

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Hannah is a PhD candidate in the Miller Laboratory. She completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree at McMaster in the Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization program. Her senior thesis project in the Miller laboratory focused on exploring the role of IgA mediated NETosis during viral infection and autoimmune conditions including; systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. She will be continuing her work on this project to try and elucidate the downstream Fc- signalling pathways involved in potentiating IgA mediated NETosis.


Outside of the lab Hannah enjoys a nice bottle of wine, reading and watching movies.

Ali Zhang, M.Sc,

MD PhD Candidate

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Ali is a PhD candidate in the Miller laboratory. He completed his Master of Science at Western University in Microbiology and Immunology, where he studied the interaction between adenovirus E1A and the transcriptional repressor BS69. He also completed his Honours Bachelors of Medical Sciences at Western, where he studied the interaction between human papillomavirus E7 and the cell cycle regulator p27kip1 for his thesis project. Ali will be investigating the mechanisms by which broadly neutralizing antibodies protect against an influenza virus infection.


In his spare time, Ali enjoys watching movies and crushing his enemies in Dota.


Michael D'Agostino, M.Sc,


PhD Candidate

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Michael is a PhD candidate, who completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario where he worked with Dr. Jeremy Burton studying the urinary microbiome and its interactions with the nervous system. Michael then came to McMaster for his graduate studies where he completed an M.Sc. in the lab of Dr. Zhou Xing investigating the role of memory alveolar macrophages in control of tuberculosis. Michael will be elucidating the mechanisms behind original antigenic sin within the scope of repeated influenza vaccination.

In his free time, Michael enjoys concerts, catching up with his friends, watching/playing sports, the gym, Netflix and playing with his dog. Not necessarily in that order.

Art Marzok,

PhD Candidate

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Art is a M.Sc candidate in the Miller laboratory. He completed his Honours Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Human Biology: Health and Disease at the University of Toronto,  where he developed a strong interest for host-pathogen interactions and immunological responses. His research focuses on examining the relationship between viral infections and the development of ALS.

Art began his research career as a Research Assistant at SickKids hospital in the Paediatric Emergency Medicine department. He is excited to transition into the wet lab environment where he can expand his research skills. In his spare time, Art enjoys hiking, reading, playing basketball and  boardgames. Especially, beating people in Catan


Vitushan Surendran

MD PhD Candidate

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Vithushan is a MD/PhD candidate in the Miller laboratory. He completed his Honours Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Physiology at the University of Toronto. During that time, he developed an interest in the interaction between neurological disorders and the immune system from his work in the field of spinal cord injury and epilepsy.


His research in the Miller laboratory focuses on understanding the intersection between senataxin (SETX), viral infection, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Outside of the lab, Vithushan enjoys spending time with friends, reading, and watching movies.

Top (Left to Right): Hannah Stacey, Jonathan Mapletoft, Ali Zhang Art Marzok, Andrew Chen

Bottom (Left to Right): Michael D'Agostino, Matthew Miller, Jann Ang, Kimberly Braz-Gomes, Yonathan Agung

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